User Code Update Management

Benefits of User Code Update Management

Access control is a key security measure for any business. It involves restricting access to buildings, rooms and areas within the premises, as well as restricting access to information and data systems. One important aspect of access control is user code update management.

Setting up access control helps you, as the business owner, keep your premises, employees and data safe and secure from unauthorised access or theft.

User code update management ensures you know that the right people have the right codes for accessing restricted areas of your business. By keeping track of who has which fob or code, you can ensure that only authorised personnel can gain entry to your premises or information systems. This helps reduce the risk of unauthorised individuals gaining access to sensitive data or assets.

What is user code management

User code management also allows you to monitor who is accessing what business area/information and when it’s being used. This way you can easily verify that the right people have the right codes at all times. 

User Code Update Management

User code update management involves customised reports that identify who accessed what area/information and when, so they can review if necessary and take corrective action if required. Reports can be tailored to be delivered on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis depending on business needs.

Furthermore, user code update management helps streamline the process of updating access control whenever changes are needed due to personnel changes or other reasons. 

When you communicate any changes in personnel access requirements to PGC Security, these updates can be quickly implemented into the user codes and reporting systems without having to manually make all the changes across every single fob individually. 

This saves time and keeps everything up-to-date without any gaps in security procedures.

Access Policy Acknowledgement

Additionally, if a situation arises, when you have our User Code Update Management service implemented, we can also provide the proof that demonstrates acknowledgement of your Access Policy and detail the responsibilities the access control relevant team members have been given. 

This is an important step to ensure that all personnel involved in programming, implementation, and maintenance of user codes are educated on the risks associated with inadequate user code management.

Benefits of User Code Update Management

There are many benefits of implementing user code management for your business.

Improved Security Measures

User code management can provide an extra layer of protection for your building and assets. By assigning unique access codes and fobs to employees, you can easily keep track of who is entering what areas within your company. This helps protect against unauthorised individuals from gaining access or trying to steal data. Plus, user code management also means that each person can be assigned a specific set of rights so that they only have access to the areas they’re allowed in.

Quicker response times when making changes to personnel access rights

One of the biggest advantages of user code management is its quick response times when it comes to making changes to personnel access rights. When an employee leaves, or needs a change in their access level, it no longer takes days for administrators or managers to update their permission levels manually – this can all be done quickly and easily with user code management systems. This saves time and resources, as well as reduces the risk of human error due to manual data entry processes.

Greater visibility over employee movements within company premises

With user code management systems in place, employers are able to gain greater visibility over employee movements within company premises. This helps with tracking attendance and ensuring that employees are not accessing restricted areas without permission or approval from managers or administrators. Plus, this also helps reduce any potential risk associated with lost fobs/codes, as such incidents would be easier to identify and rectify if necessary.

Additional benefits include:

  • assets and data from unauthorised individuals
  • more accurate tracking of who is accessing what area/information
  • lower risk of human error due to manual data entry processes
  • fewer resources spent on managing fob/codes
  • increased efficiency in managing large scale multi-location projects
  • easier procurement processes for obtaining new fobs/codes when needed

All these benefits help increase overall security measures while reducing costs associated with keeping track of staff movement within your business’ premises or sensitive information systems.

Setting up access control and user code management is a critical security measure for any business. By implementing this system, you can ensure the safety of your premises, sensitive data and employees at all times. If your business hasn’t yet implemented access control or user code management procedures, it’s time to take action and start protecting your business!

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