Guard Services

Our Mobile and foot patrols work 24/7 and are tailored to suit any business. We undertake risk assessments of each site to ensure we match the best type of patrol subject to location.

Our Special event guards are strategically selected and trained in customer service and conflict resolution to ensure that guests have an enjoyable and safe experience.

Our Staff Escorts can assist with locking up and securing premises, setting alarms and escorting staff to their car or public transport.

PGC can manage Cash-in-transit pick ups and deliveries to nominated locations including banking and providing receipts on the client’s behalf. We undertake risk assessments of all collection and delivery sites in compliance with regulations.

Security training
As licensed security consultants, we can tailor packages and staff training for each business site in basic security essentials or undertake specific training in areas such as Armed Robbery Response.

PGC Security Guard Albury Wodonga

Security Guard Solutions

There are a number of reasons you may need guard services. No matter what your business is, our guard services are tailored to suit you and are available on short notice for short or long-term needs.

As licensed security consultants, we’ll undertake a risk assessment of your site to ensure we match the best type of guard service to your business and location. We will then tailor a package for your business site.

Guard services can include securing your site outside of your trading hours, maintaining site security during business hours (including concierge services), guarding your site after an incident until it can be secured. It really depends on what you need.

Benefits of Guard Services

  • Reduce face-to-face confrontation
  • Welfare of staff
  • Security of property and assets
  • Guards are trained in negotiation communications
  • Qualified and skilled personnel to manage the situation