Mobile Patrols

Working for you 24/7

Before the bells and whistles of technology we relied on a person to check on your site. While technology has changed the face of Mobile Patrols they are still a valuable tool in your site security.

Mobile Patrols provide you with a visible deterrent to criminal activity. PGC Mobile Patrols are an effective solution without the cost of a full-time guard.

When you choose a PGC Mobile Patrol solution, you get a tailored solution that includes a fleet of marked vehicles and highly trained, uniformed Security Operatives.

Mobile Patrols

Tailored Mobile Patrol Solutions

Whether you are a small or large business, or a home or apartment suite, we have the Mobile Patrol Solution for you.

Lock Up Check

Making sure your site or building is secure at the start of the night. This includes checking:

  • doors
  • windows
  • entry points fenclines
  • alarms are turned on (if installed)

This option is more effective when you have electronic security installed as it assists in maintaining the integrity of your site or building.

Random Patrols

Sometimes you need to know what is happening throughout the night or day. When this is the case Random Patrols are effective. Random Patrols include:

  • up to three inspections per night or day
  • fence line checks
  • entry point checks
  • building checks

This option is effective when you have a larger site. Our people access the grounds to monitor changes and provide a security presence.

Welfare Checks

Ensure the safety of your team by having a trained PGC Patrol Operative conduct welfare checks. These checks can allow you to meet requirements for lone workers as well as letting your staff know that you’re concerned about them – even when you’re not there.

Benefits of Alarm Monitoring

Electronic Logging

Gone are the days of using door cards (placing cardboard in the door to indicate a patrol check). In fact we stopped using this dated approach back in 2005. Today we use technology to confirm a patrol check.

Instead of letting criminals know a check had been done (by the collection of cards found in your doorway), we use tracking and video verification in our vehicles. That way you can know exactly what time a check occurred. It’s as simple as an authorised person from your business contacting our office to request an attendance report.

Electronic Found-on-patrol Reports

If something is found on patrol, you want to know that it’s happened and you want accurate information.

That’s where our electronic Found on Patrol Reports come in. You will receive the Report with all the details via an App and an email will be sent to the appropriate site contact for your business.

Using this approach means the right person finds out what happened on site overnight so it can be addressed ASAP.


Mobile patrols are a shared service. The duration and frequency on your site may be varied during a peak period such as weather episodes, storms or extreme incidents. Costs for patrols are subject to the frequency, time on site, and the nature of the patrol visit.