Crowd Control

“Black-tie” crowd control to make your event a success

The biggest compliment we can receive is “you were quiet tonight” when we have actually been extremely busy keeping everything under control.

Black-tie Crowd Control

Tailored Solutions

Ultimately, our reputation for successful crowd control influences how your reputation is seen.

Our goal is to help you manage your event without incident. Our special event guards are selected and trained in customer service and conflict resolution to ensure that guests have an enjoyable and safe experience.

Dependent on your requirements we can be seen or unseen. In other words in uniform or not in uniform and part of the crowd.

All our guards are trained in first aid and our services range from ticket collection, to checking ID’s, to discreetly managing inappropriate behaviour. You decide what level of control you want for your event. We’ll deliver it.

Benefits of PGC Security Services

  • Crowd control that doesn’t detract from your event
  • Manage your event without incident
  • Welfare of guests
  • Option of seen or unseen personnel
  • Reputation management