Debt Recovery

Facilitating outstanding debt so you can focus on your business

Debt recovery is all about customer relations. We assist you with getting your money back, within the regulatory guidelines, while allowing you maintain your relationship with your clients.

PGC Security Solutions

Tailored Solutions

We know the guidelines required for legal debt recovery and apply them to your business. We’ll discuss your individual situation and understand the options and payment terms you are prepared to undertake to recover your debt. Our debt recover will then be guided with you, the customer, in mind.

Generally speaking, debt recovery will start with a phone call to confirm the outstanding debt and gain an understanding of what circumstances have caused the non-payment. Then we’ll discuss options with the debtor to facilitate the payment, taking into consideration the practicality of the payment terms.

The situation will be monitored to ensure payment is made or if the debt recovery needs to be escalated. This is always discussed with you prior to actioning.

Benefits of PGC Security Services

  • The process removes you from the situation, making it less personal and, therefore, easier to maintain your relationship with your clients
  • Provides your debtor with an alternative contact, maintaining your relationship with them
  • Recovery can be escalated if required
  • The correct legal process is followed, which is important if Court is required to secure the debt
  • The process is carried out by CAPI (NSW) Licenced personnel