Access Control

Authenticate and Authorise

Guarantee that those who can access and use your systems are who they say they are, through authentication.

PGC Security Access Control

Access Control Tailored Solutions

Keep your business safe by making sure your people have the appropriate access to your company through authorisation.

Traditionally your team members would access your premises with a key – a key that can be lost and then used by anyone who finds it. With Access Control, your keys are replaced with a fob that if lost, access can be turned off with just a phone call.

Dependent on your requirements, we’ll tailor your access control to your business requirements. This includes programming fobs for individuals so they only work at particular times and/or only open certain doors.

Benefits of PGC Security Access Control

  • Ability to give or remove access quickly
  • Tailored accessibility to certain people, areas and times
  • Reduces potential conflict situations with ability to remove access without personal interaction
  • Access can be changed without needing to handle the physical hardware (fob)
  • Incident verification
  • Access can be set up to be available to multiple users