Alarm Response Services

Taking action to keep your business and team safe.

Here to respond and take action if your alarm is triggered. We can respond to any alarm system, whether you had it installed by us or by someone else.

Tailored Solutions

There are a number of reasons your alarm may go off. No matter what the circumstances are our alarm responses are tailored to suit you.

We talk to you about various situations that may occur and you determine the action we take. We also provide expert advice on appropriate responses if you are unsure what needs to be done.

Alarm Response services can include calling you, the police, a glazier or other service provider required if your property is invaded or damaged, and resetting the alarm. Or, we can clear alarm triggers such as cobwebs, or balloons (after an event or party).

We can also provide after hours guards to escort staff if they need to go on site after an alarm is triggered.

Benefits of PGC Alarm Systems

  • Your staff and family feel safer
  • Responses guide what you need to do next
  • Security of property and assets
  • Qualified and skilled personnel
  • Flexibility to change response dependent on the situation