False Alarm

False alarms are a pain in the proverbial. Not only for you, they can be very annoying for your neighbours, and in some circumstances the police. And nobody wants that!

So, to make the most of your security system and minimise false alarms, here are a few tips on preventing false alarms.

Secure your property

Before leaving your property, secure all of the windows and doors. Many false alarms are triggered leaving a door or window open when activating the alarm. Also, if you keep your pets indoors, then confine them to designated rooms.

Remove obstructions

Ensure your sensors are not obstructed by furniture or suspended objects such as party or festive decorations. Also make sure that they are also free of cobwebs and insects.

Protect sensors

Protect the sensors of your system. This is especially important when you are decorating (for a party, for the festive season, etc), or doing any building work.

Be familiar with deactiviation

If you are away, make sure anyone who has keys to your property know how to deactivate your alarm system. Even if they aren’t planning to access your property while you’re away. You never know why they may need to visit, so it’s important they know how to prevent a false alarm by deactivating your system.


Your alarm system is an investment in the security of you and your property. However, it can only protect you if it is working correctly. Therefore, it’s important to have your alarm system regularly maintained. At PGC Security, we recommend having a maintenance schedule in place.